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This is the space I use to test my Rapidweaver and Web stuff. It will almost never be relevant. I will put some more text here because I want to how the text aligns with different settings. Nothing to see here, move along

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Let's have some fun here

A Place for Making Mistakes

I will allow much bad taste on this page. It's a workspace, and as such should not necessarily look good or up to any snooty standards of web design. I admit to being a complete Philistine when it comes to design.

Read More paragraphs can start expanded if required and also use borders, floating images and button style links. In fact you can style just about everything.

All this is achieved in a paragraph stack that you can add anywhere and everywhere with no code added at all if you don't enable Read More.

Thanks to the use of child stacks for JS elements, Paragraph Pro is absolutely identical to a standard Paragraph in Foundation when used as such.

This is a great option because it means that you can use it freely without compromise. If you discover later that you need to add one of the advanced functions then it is a simple click to do so. You don't need to start copying out text from one stack to another.

My Image
  • Classic Old Chevy Wagon

Fading In

The Infinity Pool at a resort in Cancun Mexico.


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